My work is based on five simple ideas


I try to look at my clients’ product marketing problems and objectives in a wider and more complete context – for me, intuition, experience, independence and emotion are as important as reasoning and deduction. And, because I’m always interested in the subtleties, the ‘why, how and who’ and the less obvious connections between products, people, companies and cultures – I believe that I can question and look a little further, wider and deeper than most.
My role is an objective ‘outsider’, helping businesses to see a different picture of the environments they operate in. And, because I’m fiercely independent I often speak ‘heretical truths’ to those with the power and influence to change an organisation’s direction or focus.


I love inventing – it’s what creates new products and services, builds new propositions & challenges the past, present and the future. I’m restless and want to constantly change the world and am never satisfied with the here and now. I’m not precious about conventions or the rules – I just want to get on with finding new things and new ways. I fail often (hopefully intelligently), then get up and keep refining and continually re-inventing my ideas until they work. Then start all over again with a new idea – and I’ve always got lots of them.


Innovation and invention are very different. To invent is to make something entirely new, to innovate is to take an existing concept and make it better –for me, innovation is truly real time evolution. Innovation requires a collaborative mindset – working with individuals, teams and organisations to inspire, persuade and encourage constant positive development.

I help organisations to question and define what customers need tomorrow then provides knowledge, experience and the skills on which they can build and commercialise their next ‘big thing’.


You can talk about change, innovation and invention until you talk yourself out of doing anything – after all, it’s hard, expensive and time consuming to create new things.  I’m not a consultant in the traditional ‘lend me your watch and I’ll tell you the time’ sense – I have the skills and experience to do what’s needed, I don’t just talk about about it. Tell me what you’d like to achieve, what resources you’d like to invest and I’ll do the rest. I’ll work alongside you all the way until I can hand over the project to you team. I build to last and have a great list of recommendations.


Anybody that knows me will tell you that I value my reputation and independence above all else. If you want somebody to tell what to do – I’m not your man. If you need somebody to do something complex that involves vision, creativity and a flexible mindset give me a call.